13 Summer Energy Saving Tips - Different ideas to save on your energy bill - rockabyeparents.com

13 Summer Energy Saving Tips

I love summer. It has always been my favorite season. I love hot weather. I love the summer vacation break that I’m lucky enough to still get. As an adult I also love that it brings with it really low energy bills. I know that not everyone gets to enjoy lower energy bills in the…

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10 Books About Visiting the Dentist - rockabyeparents.com

10 Books About Visiting The Dentist

Even though Nick is nearing four and a half he hasn’t yet been to visit the dentist. His doctor isn’t too happy about this fact, but our family dentist doesn’t feel it’s necessary for most kids to come in until they’re four to five years old. Now that it’s about time for visiting the dentist…

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7 Benefits of Drinking Water - rockabyeparents.com

7 Benefits Of Drinking Water

I have to admit that I was a married adult with a child before I truly realized the benefits of drinking water. I would drink it, especially when I would exercise, but it wasn’t something that I really paid attention to. It was actually while we were on vacation, when Nick was 18 months old,…

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Letters to my Son - July 2015

Letters To My Son – July 2015

July 3, 2015 Dear Nick, Happy Independence Day a day early! I know you don’t fully understand the meaning behind Independence Day, but we’ve been talking about it some. At least the fireworks that are going off every night while we’re trying to sleep can be a learning tool. Positive thinking right? It’s hard to…

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