How To Get Rid of Cradle Cap

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Cradle cap is a skin condition that appears on a baby’s head. It appears as red patches with yellow crusty skin.  The reason behind it is that the baby’s skin produces too much oil and the dead skin sticks to the scalp and can’t flake off of it. It is very common and many babies experience it at some point. There are different remedies that can be used to get rid of it. The remedy used is often based on how bad the cradle cap is. They say that once you get rid of all of the cradle cap it won’t come back. Sadly for us Nick proved that statement to be false.

Nick was hardly a month old when he developed cradle cap. He had it so bad that it caused him to lose all of the hair that he had on top of his head. He looked like a little old man because the only hair he had was on the side and back of his head. Once we realized that he had it I consulted Eat, Sleep, Poop by Scott W. Cohen.  It said that the best way to get rid of the cradle cap was by using baby oil or a dandruff shampoo.  It said that it might take a few applications, but after that it should be gone.

First we tried using the baby oil. We would put Nick on the counter in his Bumbo Seat for an hour before his bath and rub the baby oil on (it was so messy that we couldn’t lay him down or let his head touch anything). I would wash the dishes and talk to him until bath time. After a few days though we realized that the oil was making his skin break out, so we had to stop using it.

Nick fell asleep one night with the baby oil on his head.

Then we went to see Nick’s doctor for a well visit. The cradle cap was still really bad, so the doctor gave us some information on what to do. For really bad cradle cap the paper work suggested putting 1% hydrocortisone cream on it and then washing it off with a dandruff shampoo (don’t do this for any more than 7 days). This worked some, but it didn’t cure the problem. We kept trying it until one day when Nick put his hand on his head (which was covered with the dandruff shampoo) and then rubbed his hand on his eye. The entire side of his face turned beet red.  It was one of those moments that make you feel like an awful mom.  We never used those on his head again.

My mother said she had gotten rid of my cradle cap by scraping it off with her finger nails. I felt that I was out of options, so that’s what I did. While Nick was busy taking a bottle I would scrape some off. It felt weird, and gave me the shivers every time, but I figured that it was just something a mom had to do. When he finished with the bottle I would take him to his room and put some lotion on the places that I had scraped. Before long the cradle cap was gone and hair started growing back.

Fast forward to February when the cradle cap returned with a vengeance. This time nothing could get rid of it. I tried scraping it again, but it didn’t work well with hair in the way, and that also kept me from putting lotion on his head. In the end the scraping just caused him to have eczema breakout in the scraped areas and the cradle cap immediately returned.

Then the daycare tried to get rid of it. They put olive oil on his head to loosen it, scraped it off, washed it with a natural shampoo, and then put a natural lotion on it. When I picked him up his head was all greasy, but the cradle cap was gone. We were all very excited, until it returned three days later. At that point I didn’t know what to do. The whole situation had become very discouraging. To make matters worse Nick had taken to scratching it so much that he would draw blood. Something had to be done

I don’t know what made me try it, but a few days later I tried softening the cradle cap with Nick’s good eczema lotion (Aveeno Baby Eczema Therapy Moisturizing Cream). I put it all over his head in the late afternoon and then before bath I would take a comb through Nick’s hair to pull up all of the cradle cap that had been loosened. After a few nights of this Nick’s head was looking much better. The one problem was that while I was getting rid of some of the cradle cap it kept coming back.

Then one of the moms in my mom group posted that her little one’s cradle cap had recently come back too. That’s when I found out about (Gentle Naturals Cradle Cap Care). This stuff was the miracle product that we needed. We used it, and the lotion still as well, and within a couple weeks Nick’s cradle cap had cleared up and was completely gone. We didn’t even need most of the shampoo in the bottle. The only thing we didn’t like about the shampoo was it gave Nick’s hair the smell of wet dog, which was not pleasant, but it was worth it to finally get rid of the cradle cap.

The one thing that we have come to realize is that it is very important that we keep Nick’s hair clean (usually a wash every other night). Circumstances caused him to not get a good hair washing a few nights in a row and a spot of cradle cap came back recently. I had quite the moment when I saw it. Luckily I scraped off what I could, we gave his head a good washing, and that was the end of it.

Did your little one have cradle cap? How did you get rid of it?

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