How To Keep Children Safe And Warm In Their Car Seat? The Go-Go Blanket!

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Go-Go Blanket

Car seat safety is so important.  For those of us that live farther north (ugh) we have the difficult battle of keeping our kids safe in their car seat while still keeping them warm during cold months.  What a lot of people don’t realize, or refuse to pay attention to, is the fact that a child should not wear a big bulky coat while strapped into a car seat.  To keep your child safe the chest strap should be no more than one finger’s width away from the child.  Bulky coats prevent this because even if the strap is a finger width away from the coat it is actually farther than that from the child because then it’s a finger’s width plus the coat away.  In the event of an accident the coat can be flattened due to forces put on it which means all of a sudden that strap is far away from your little one and they’re flying out of their seat.  You want to keep your child warm, but it’s not worth the risk to their safety.  The question is how to keep children safe and warm in their car seats?

A few years ago one grandmother decided to find an answer to just that question.  She watch as her grandchildren, warm from a bath and snugly in their jammies, were put into their car seats with no coats or blankets.  Her daughter explained to her why the little ones couldn’t have coast and said that blankets were a waste because they just fell down.  She realized that the answer was that children needed a warm blanket with sleeves.  The blanket could be put on the child after they were strapped in, so it meets all safety requirements, and the sleeves would help hold it up.  In short, I give you the Go-Go Blanket!

Cozy in the Go-Go Blanket

The Go-G0 Blanket truly is a wonderful invention.  This is Nick’s second winter, and keeping him warm in the car is really hard.  The worst part is that you’re cranking out the heat for your little one with no coat in the back while you’re roasting in the front with a coat on.  The whole thing is a real pain, but as I said before it isn’t worth the risk to put a big coat on them.  Every winter though I hear moms ask each other what do they do to keep their little ones warm because no one knows what to do!  Needless to say that when I heard about Go-Go Blankets I had to try one.

We’ve had our Go-Go Blanket less than a week and I already love it.  It is so warm and snuggly.  It always seems so hard to keep Nick warm, and yet when I took the Go-Go Blanket off him the other day even his fingers were all toasty warm.  The blanket comes in one size that will fit up to a size 5, so you only have to get one per child and then you can use it for a long time.  It is also very easy to use.  I really love the Go-Go Blanket.  The only thing I don’t like is that I went a winter and a half without one!

Go-Go Blanket Instructions

I want to help you keep your child safe and warm in their car seat, so Rock-A-Bye Parents has teamed up with Go-Go Blankets to give one of our readers a chance to win one!  I chose the monkey pattern for Nick’s blanket (go figure), but the winner will be able to choose any pattern that they want.

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 Disclaimer: I received a Go-Go Blanket in return for this review, but I was not compensated in any other way.  All opinions here are entirely my own.

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  1. Christine says

    Glad you and Nick enjoyed the go-go blanket! I know this is an issue we struggled with too, what a fun and cute solution.

  2. LouAnn says

    This blanket sounds like it will keep Nick nice and warm. A very good answere to kelp the little ones warm that live in the cold country.

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