Mickey Mouse First Birthday Party Theme Ideas

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Mickey Mouse First Birthday Theme Ideas

Nick was a Mickey Mouse fan from a very young age (I believe we started watching it when he was 3 months old), so using Mickey as the theme for his first birthday was almost a given.  When I found a Precious Moment of a little boy holding a stuffed Mickey I knew Mickey had to be the theme.  My brother and I had each had a Precious Moment on our first birthday cake that was the same idea (mine was a little girl holding a stuffed bunny and my brother’s was a little boy holding a stuffed bear).  I thought about Mickey Mouse Clubhouse for the overall theme, but I thought we might want to use that later.  When I found a Mickey Mouse First Birthday Theme set at Party City I knew exactly what we were going with.  You only get to use the first birthday theme once anyways.

I can’t say I was at my most creative for this party.  I was really just getting my feet wet with the whole birthday party idea, but I did my best to carry the theme out.  First I made sure Nick had a Mickey outfit (picture above).  I had found him this adorable overall outfit, but it was shorts with a short sleeve shirt, and it was just too cold for him to wear it (although we did put him in it for his 1 year portraits).

For the present area I sat out a cute stuffed Mickey that my grandparents had found for Nick in Walt Disney World.  Note that the cake Mickey is holding has only one candle!

Birthday Mickey with One Candle

Of course what is a birthday without a banner?

Birthday Banner

The food table was all decked out as well.  We had a themed table cloth and an adorable center piece.  Sadly the center piece didn’t fit on the table because there was so much food.  It still looked cute behind it though.

Mickey Mouse Birthday Meal

The desert table was decked out as well.  It of course had the egg free cake with the special Precious Moment topper.  There also was Nick’s smash cake with a Mickey Mouse first birthday candle.  Plus we made yummy Mickey Mouse shaped cookies!

Mickey Mouse First Birthday Dessert Table

Every first birthday boy must have a Mickey Mouse first birthday party hat!

Mickey Mouse First Birthday Hat

Do you have any ideas for a Mickey Mouse first birthday theme?


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