Origami Owl Bracelets

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It’s here!  OK, so summer hasn’t officially arrived, but the unofficial start is more than good enough for me!  The weather that we’ve had recently feels like summer too.  That means that I’ve finally been able to wear warm weather clothes.  I am so over wearing long sleeved sweaters and sweat suits.  It’s so sad that I have still been wearing those types of outfits well into May.  Being able to wear short sleeves means that I am finally able to start wearing my different Origami Owl bracelets!  I’m a huge bracelet fan, but I don’t like to wear them with long sleeves because no one sees them.  I’ve been dying to start wearing my Origami Owl bracelets and I’m so excited that now I finally get the chance!

Origami Owl Bracelets

Origami Owl Bracelets – Link Locket Bracelet

Link Locket Bracelet
There are two different types of Origami Owl bracelets that are available.  One type is the Link Locket Bracelet.  For this type you buy a special Link Locket and then you also buy a chain to go with it.  The lockets come in silver, gold, and rose gold and all have crystals.  You can also get the silver locket with pink crystals (I really want that one!).  The bracelet chains come in both 7 and 8″.

My Link Locket Bracelet is my Mommy Blogger locket.  I got one of the special mom charms that was available for Mother’s Day, plus I have the blog and computer charms.  Mine is in gold because that was what my Origami Owl designer kit came with. I don’t wear a ton of gold jewelry though, so I want to get a silver one as well so I can wear it more often.

With this bracelet I like that I get to wear a larger locket that I can fit multiple charms into, and I like that it lays flat so it’s easy to see the charms.  On the other hand I have really small wrists (I can span my wrist with my thumb and pinky finger) so  this bracelet doesn’t fit me all that well.  I try to make it tighter, but if you skip too many links the bracelet looks kind of funny.  I still like wearing it though.

Origami Owl Bracelets – Dangle Bracelet

Dangle Bracelet
The other Origami Owl bracelet is the Dangle Bracelet.  For this one you start by buying a dangle chain.  The chain comes in silver, gold, and rose gold and in both 7 or 8″.  From there you can do a lot of different things.  You can buy a mini locket that can dangle from the bracelet.  You can also buy any of the dangle charms to add to the bracelet to give it a charm bracelet look.  I like to have some dangles and a locket, but you can do just a locket or all dangles too.

I really like this bracelet.  It has a very dainty look which I love.  My bracelet is in silver.  I often wear my mini locket on a chain (it has the coffee charm as well as a heart charm), but I like having it on my bracelet too.  I personally like having some dangles on my bracelet as well.  I have multiple different dangles and I change them depending on the colors of the outfit I’m wearing.

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  1. Tara L says

    Silver vintage rose, Crystal gold dog paw, Four leaf clover, Crystal gold cross, Baseball mom these are some of the charms I love (:

  2. Aurora P says

    Oh my, so many i like. I like the love ones, the infinity, hearts, faith, hope, angel wings…….

  3. says

    Thanks for sharing this info about Origami Owl. Good luck with your sales!

    Thank you for stopping by the Thoughtful Spot Weekly Blog Hop this week. We hope to see you drop by our neck of the woods next week!

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