Travel With WordLock Luggage Lock And Travel With Ease {Giveaway}

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Travel With WordLock

Let’s be honest.  As great as traveling is it can be stressful.  You have so many things to take care of that the last thing you need is to worry about problems with your luggage, or worse having something stolen.  Ack, I’m already feeling stressed and being stressed is not what a vacation is supposed to be about!  Lucky for you I have a wonderful and simple product to share with you that will help put your mind at ease.  What you need is a WordLock luggage lock!

To be honest I haven’t really ever traveled with a lock.  In the past the times I really wanted a lock was when I was flying, but what was the point if the TSA was just going to cut the lock off?  Well, with WordLock that’s no longer a problem because they’re TSA approved!  You’ll notice in the above picture that the lock even has a TSA symbol on the top right as a guarantee that you won’t have your lock cut off at the airport.

Now days I want a lock for my luggage to keep my valuables safe.  When I travel I take a lot of technology with me.  Having Nick on the trip means that the tablet is a necessity if we want to make it to our destination, but the last thing I want to do is carry it all over with me.  At the same time I worry about leaving it just sitting around in my hotel room.  With my WordLock luggage lock though I can easily stash all of my valuables in my suitcase and lock it.  I’m then able to go off for the day and not worry about what I left behind.

WordLock Luggage Lock

The best thing about the WordLock luggage lock?  The combination is made up of a word!  I hate how luggage pieces always come with the smallest locks with tiny keys.  I feel like I’ll loose them!  You could buy a combination lock, but when you’re busy remembering lots of other numbers on vacation, such as your flight time and boarding gate, the last thing you want to try to remember is the numbers that go to your lock.  When you can use a word it is so easy.  Setting up the word you want is easy, and you can change it all the time.  Plus there are a lot of different words that you can choose from.

I’m very excited to say that I have become a member of the WordLock Parenting Council!  This means that I get to share information about their wonderful products with you over the summer.  That also means that I get to host a giveaway to help 5 of my readers win a WordLock luggage lock!  Good luck!


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  1. Sandy Cain says

    I’m not traveling anywhere this summer – but my dream vacation would be to a calm, tranquil place, with a lake to swim in, no people around, and just the songbirds for company.

    • says

      I have been to Paris. Sadly I had one day there and it was when the Tour de France was coming in, so I got stuck outside of the city and didn’t get to see much. :-( I’d love to go back some day.

  2. Krystal Dunlap says

    We are not traveling this year but hope to go see my little brother in Florida next year.

  3. Gayle S says

    I do not have any plans to do any real traveling this summer. The most I have done already and will do again is go to the family cottage.

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