Week 4 – My Last Full Week Of Boot Camp

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by on July 25, 2013

My 4th Week of Buttoned Up Boot Camp

I can’t believe that my time with Buttoned Up KickStart Boot Camp is almost done!  My time with them has just flown by.  Now while I have finished up week 4 I’m not actually done yet because the program is 30 days and not just 4 weeks.  Still I can’t believe it’s almost over though.

A Look At Week 4

At the end of week 3 we were getting prepared for making grocery shopping easier.  Now who doesn’t want to learn how to do that?  I’m scared to know the amount of time that I usually spend every month preparing for, and going to, the grocery store.  It’s just too much I tell you!  We spent the first two days of the week prepping for our grocery trips.  The system has you preparing for an entire month (4 weeks) of grocery shopping at a time.  After that we had a little more work on calendar and “To Do” prep.  We finished the week by starting to set-up goals that we have.

My Thoughts on Week 4

I loved the idea of spending only one day a month preparing for your grocery trips, but I had a hard time making that happen.  First I want to try out the new recipes I found before I keep scheduling them in (I think it’s too much too hope that we’ll love all of them).  Plus our schedules can change from week to week, so that makes planning so far in advance hard.  Hopefully someday that won’t be such a problem anymore.  The biggest thing for me though is that I try to shop the sales to save money on groceries.  I’m still working on getting the hang of it, but I am trying.  Still I love the printable that your given to use.  It makes preparing my list very easy, and I love that it’s forcing me to make a weekly menu.  That’s something else that I’ve been trying to do but haven’t done well with (do you see the pattern here?).    In fact yesterday I was using the printable for the second time and putting everything together was a breeze.  The whole system is a major turning point for us food wise.  Best of all we’re eating better.  I tried the Autumn Chopped Salad on Monday night.  Not only was it really yummy, but I swear I could feel how healthy it was.  I love how things like that have improved for us since I started Buttoned Up KickStart Boot Camp.

The calendar and “To Do” stuff was fast and easy, but I’m finding the goal setting to be take a little longer.  That’s not a bad thing, but there is a lot to think about and plan for it, so I am actually taking my time with this part.  The program does allow you extension days if you find you can’t complete the project on the given day, so I am taking advantage of that.  This is supposed to be a very important part of the boot camp and I want to give it my all.

Next week I will have a wrap up post on my complete boot camp experience, and that will include the giveaway for the DIY version of Buttoned Up Boot Camp!  Remember you can still use my code RAP15 to get 15% off of any of the Buttoned Up Boot Camp programs.

 Disclaimer: I’ve received a version of boot camp to review free of charge.  All opinions are my own.

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Ann @Foodie in WV July 25, 2013 at 1:56 pm

There is no way I could plan that far ahead :) It sounds like a nice idea though if it would work with your schedule!
Ann @Foodie in WV recently posted…Pulled Pork Cemita SandwichesMy Profile


Sarah July 27, 2013 at 12:26 pm

I find meal planning to be such a daunting task! I’ll have it under control and then something will happen and it will be blown for the next few months! I’m in a “no plan” zone right now! Maybe I’ll win the giveaway next week!
Sarah recently posted…Deals of the Week #2My Profile


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